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Handle: The Barnacle: Barney Slevin
Role: Privateer Press
Character Points: 75
Stats: Int10, Ref8, Tech5, Cool8, Attr5, Luck10
MA10, Body5, Emp10, Run[30m], Leap[7.5m], Lift[200kg]

Head1 Torso[2-4] R.Arm5 L.Arm6
R.Leg[7-8] L,Leg[9-0]
Armor Sp:
Head] Torso[ R.Arm] L.Arm[
R.Leg] L,Leg[

SAVE: 5 BTM:-2
Light: Serious: Crit: Motral0: Mortal1:
Mortal2: Mortal3: Mortal4: Mortal5: Mortal6:

Skill: Credibility 10
Awareness/notice 2
Education 2
Compositions 2
Human Perception 5
Interview 5
Social 5
Persuasion & Fast Talk 5
Dodge & Escape 5
Handgun 5
Grooming 2
Wardrobe 6
Photo & Film 2

Rep 4


Style: Retro Futuristic, American, Nothing suits me like a Suit.
Family Background: Corporate manager, both living that has lost everything through betrayal, lived on a corporate research facility.
Siblings: 1 Older Brother, betrayed the family
Motivations: Friendly and Outgoing, Values his Teacher, Honor, Thinks people are untrustworthy. Don’t depend on anyone. Treasures Journey To The West.
Life Event
16 Enemy, A relative, the feeling is mutual, Foiled Plan of the other, avoid the scum, He wants to kill me, Is with a Gang.
17 Nothing
18 Nothing
19 Financial Windfall! 1d10x 100
20 Romance Fast Affairs and hot dates
21 Reconnected with my ex from fast affairs and hot dates
22 nothing happen
23 nothing happen
24 Love affair with problems, Fight constantly
25 Big Problem Lover is Killed! They murdered and I don’t know who did it


Owes 290 years


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